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Business developper

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"Innovation is what sets a leader apart from a follower."
Steve Jobs
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Strategic analysis

What need (s) do you meet? Is your product or service the remarkable answer to these needs? who are your clients? Is the functional organization optimal?
Do you have the necessary resources to develop and optimize your business?
Have you developed a solid chart of accounts?
Our analysis and optimization report will help you take stock and design your business plan.

Skills engineering

Define and address the skills and qualifications needs of your business to ensure that your operational goals are met. We can carry out for you the mapping of the company's skills, a training plan, a work analysis based on your business plan.
For training centers, we carry out a complete audit of your system. We support you in choosing your software (Dolibarr, Moodle, Scenari).

Digitization & process

Perform an audit of your system. Is it digitized? Do you quickly have important information to manage your business? Do you respond quickly to the needs of your customers?
Do you have a reliable and automated follow-up of your quotes, your orders, your invoices?
We can help you optimize your system, by defining processes, implementing and configuring open source business management software.

E-marketing & SEO

Designing a quality product that meets a need or an evolution is the first step towards success. It must then be made visible to potential buyers, especially on the internet.
For that, you will need an inspired (E-) marketing strategy and a good referencing with the main search engines of the web (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex). We can help you with the implementation of your marketing strategy.

Projects & events

We are looking for projects for you (regional, national, international) that will develop your activity and allow you to create strategic partnerships.
We organize events for your company (conferences, exhibitions, festivities) to promote your brand, boost your activity and your profitability.
Meet your future clients and meet the opportunities in your sector!

Website & app creation

Most businesses have a website or mobile application to promote their brand, to sell their products and services. The site must be in the image of the company, stand out by its look, its ergonomics and its level of performance (to promote its positioning in the results of internet searches).
We develop, host and maintain websites and mobile apps with creativity and performance.

Open source software for the enterprise

Develop your potential

What if we invest in you?


Small entrepreneurs don’t have enough money at the start to afford a business developer!

What if I told you that it is I who will invest in you?

Why ? Because you’re not going to pay me until your business takes off! It is up to me to estimate your potential and, if necessary, to bring you my skills so that the Business takes off. And when it takes off, then I will have to reward my efforts.

Do you like it? Do you want to put all the chances on your side to develop your Business? Contact me !

Offer ends: October 25, 2148


Team IngdeV


Training engineer & project manager E-marketer & web developer

Holder of a master’s degree in training engineering, I worked as a training engineer and international project manager within the GTB and PAR Competence Centers in Luxembourg.

Through the projects I led, I had the chance to build from A to Z two training centers, through the design, implementation, development and optimization of training systems, definition and the implementation of (E-) marketing and SEO strategies.

Former professional photographer and soon holder of a DU “web developer”, I continue to work in the field of image and creativity through the design and optimization of websites, the development of mobile apps.




Digital solutions
& projects

The particularity of IngDev is to rely on a proven network of partners specializing in the implementation and maintenance of digital solutions or project management. IngDev’s partnerships are the result of training center development projects, where partners have been able to demonstrate the quality of their work and their seriousness.


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Tel : +33 (0)6 17 25 51 70

Mail :

Adresse : Nancy – Metz – Luxembourg

Horaires d’ouverture : 09:00 à 17:00

Logo de la société IngdeV - E-marketing - développement web - ingénierie des compétences

Let’s be agile, let’s integrate the UX design methodology (User Experience) to design a quality and efficient business. Let us give ourselves the means to realize our vision.

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Ingdev- spécialiste Moodle

IngdeV specializes in the implementation and configuration of the Moodle educational platform for your company.

Ingdev spécialiste de l'utilisation du logiciel de gestion Dolibarr

Ingdev specialist in the use of Dolibarr management software.